Monday, January 12, 2015

Tutu Wreath

 My friend Amber found out she was having a girl and promptly began planning a ballerina themed nursery (she danced her way through childhood and had a pair of toe shoes to add to the walls).  What works for the nursery works for the shower in my book.  I've seen versions of tulle wreaths online and I decided to give it a go.  I found a wreath form for a buck at the dollar tree and I got a 25 yard roll of tulle from Hobby Lobby at half off.  (2.50).
 I wrapped the wreath in some pink paper-I was fine with it looking sloppy, I just didn't want the green foam to peak through.
I cut the entire roll of tulle to about 12 inch pieces and then just tied them all over the wreath.  I tried out a few different methods, but found just going around the wreath and tying knots that sat both in the middle of the wreath and on the sides worked the best.  I tied until there was no more tulle to tie.  I hot glued a satin ribbon to the middle...and...for less than 4 dollars-I had our first decoration for Charlotte's baby shower.