Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Best Spinach Dip....For Real.

For years people have been bringing spinach dip in bread bowls.  Sometimes I could steal the whole bowl....if people weren't watching, or I was over the whole 'having friends' thing...and sometimes it's just 'eh' and I'd scoop it off my plate and back into the bowl b/c it just didn't live up to the 'last time' someone brought it.  I've looked up the recipe and there area always 19,567 different teas of just a little 'something different' that makes the difference between wanting to scoop more on my plate, or toss my plate in the trash.  My pal, Laine, happens to be the owner of the very best version of this.  The end.  She shared her tips with me....and it turns out....the simpler you go....the better.  Who knew?  So...if you are looking for the very best version of Spinach Dip....I'll eliminate the heart ache of wasting time on anything but the best and sharing this version.  The Right Version.
Spinach Dip
Ingredients:  24 oz sour cream, 2 T. miracle whip, 2 packages of Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Seasoning, 1 pkg of frozen chopped spinach (thawed and water totally squeezed out), 2 loaves of Hawaiian Bread
Directions:  Mix 24 oz of sour cream, 2 Tablespoons of miracle whip, 2 packages of hidden valley ranch dip seasoning pack (BUT leave out about a Tablespoon...just use it for soup or something later...if you put both full packs in...it gets a little too salty), and 1 package of chopped spinach you buy in the frozen food section.  Thaw the spinach in advance and squeeze out the water.  When you think you have it all out....squeeze it some more.....that puppy can hold some major water.
Buy two loaves of Hawaiian Bread.  Hollow one loaf out and leave the sliced (or torn) pieces around the bowl for dipping.  Tear the second loaf.  You can also serve these with crackers....but....hello, why if you have access to the magic that is Hawaiian Bread?


Erin said...

Yes, please. Looks wonderful!!!