Mini Sewing Kit Pin Cushion

Saturday, January 17, 2015
 I recently got an embroidery machine....but that's another story.  It doesn't fit where the rest of my sewing stuff is (shoved in a closet). I'm dreaming of a craft room....maybe next year, but in the meantime...I needed quick access to things that usually live in that closet.  I've seen versions of these little pin cushions around the net, so I decided it was the perfect solution to my problem.  The one thing I have on hand....always are mason jars.  I took a wide mouth mason jar and some scrap fabric.
 I cut the circle (I use this word lightly) one inch large than the lid.
 I used hot glue to hold down the edges, but I stopped short of sealing it so I could stuff it.
 I filled it with regular ol' stuffing (they sell it in bags at the craft store, or if your lab puppy destroys her toys .5 seconds after you bring them home-you can also use that stuffing...just sayin').
I filled it until I couldn't push anymore stuffing inside.  I then finished off the gluing process and slipped it in the lid ring.
 Cute, huh?
I filled up my mason jar with some little scissors, pins, buttons, thread blah blah blah....all the things I have to hunt down and now will have on hand!

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