DIY Lamp Shades

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
 I recently was tasked with trying to make some lamp shades with a limited budget.  I'm used to a limited budget.  I check out some shades I like at different stores in the area known for decor and then I went to work.
I grabbed some shades for a buck at the local thrift store....the less 'curve' the easier it is to attach your fabric.
You can use adhesive spray, or a good ol' glue gun.  I measured the shade using a newspaper (wrapped it around, creased the edges, and then I knew how much fabric to cut.   I bought some fabric I liked and got to work...
 I found some ribbon for half price to make the edges (glue gun) and a flower in the hair bow section of the craft store.
I used a base to a lamp I sprayed with water/mirror spray.  That tutorial lives here.
I also made the burlap one (at the top) and instead of a trim I just glued some 'ruffle's from scraps of fabric.

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