Heart Cross Stitch Shirt

Sunday, February 15, 2015
 I did a post tape for GMT recently with some embroidery projects.  It should be airing sometime in the next week or so, but....here's a sneak peak.  I made this heart shirt with a few simple steps.  I found the original tutorial with a free print out for a pattern to follow at uber.  I printed one out and taped it to a shirt (you could also hoop it).
 Another idea,  if you want your stitches to be really stable is adding a stablizer to your hopped set up.  I used red embroidery thread (all six strings b/c I really wanted it to pop) and then I  started created cross stitches following the pattern from corner to corner.
 When I was finished, I tied off my thread and then to get the paper off the shirt I sprayed it with water so the paper would become flimsy and peel right off.
Less than 3 dollars-not too shabby.  You know how when you buy clothes and they have little 'inspection number' stickers on them.  Most of mine come with personalized drool and a handful of dog hair.  

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