Mardi Gras Bead Bracelet

Monday, February 16, 2015
 I'm taking 6 Mardi Gras themed crafts to Good Morning, Texas tomorrow.  The first three crafts were 'bead' related. Here's one idea for a festive bracelet/or...a way to recycle those beads.    I saw the idea  at peaches first.  It's so much easier than I even anticipated.  I got some beads, some of these bracelets from Hobby Lobby's jewelry making section (2 dollars for three at full price-I used a coupon).
 I glued the beads around the outside of the bracelet.  I then took some ribbon (a buck) and wrapped it between the spaces between each bead.
 I tied a bow with both of the dangling ends.
 I then added some gold beads to some wire (they also sell gold wire) and I wrapped the wire around the ribbon putting two or three beads on each time I wrapped it around.
How cute would this be with a little stack of mix and match bracelets? This cost me well under a dollar a bracelet.

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