Mardi Gras Beads

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
I'm headed to Good Morning, Texas today to do two different segments-beads and food.  The task given to be for the beads was to revamp some traditional beads.  The second segment is food.  I'll post both later to facebook.
I found these glass beads at Michael's.  Full price they are 99 cents.  They come in different sizes, and it took me 3 strands (so three dollars), plus some ribbon, fastenings, and wire.
I twisted the wire around one of these round jewelry jump rings.  Then I looped a piece of ribbon through it.
On the second side I put one of these larger findings.  This is what I use to tie a ribbon to to 'open' and 'close' my necklace.  I bought all of these at Hobby Lobby awhile ago-they have them half off quite frequently, but you can find them in any craft store in the jewelry section.
I also made a 'chunky' necklace out of traditional beads.  I took six strands of the cheap beads you snag at parades.
 I used some wire to tie them all together.
I snipped the ends.
 I braided this loosely and then used another wire to hold the loose ends together.
To both sides I added a jump hoop again.
I strung ribbon through both sides (and hot glued a fold to hold onto the hoops) and then this particular necklace ties in the back.
Last in the bead line up is this bracelet, also using traditional beads from parades.  I posted that tutorial on Monday.

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