Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Carrot Candy Holder

 I made these little carrot shaped candy holders last year.  I cut out half circles from scrapbook paper.  Here is a free template to the size I used.
 After I cut my half circle, I glue it together so it was a cone shape, and then I glued some tissue paper to the rim so I could fill it with candy and tie it shut.
 I'm all about the themes for Easter baskets, and I also take Easter more seriously than I take Christmas when it comes to giving gifts.  It's kind of a big deal....this is eternity we are celebrating.
...and this year.....the celebration color scheme was all around carrots-carrot candies, and fun greens and oranges.  I've seen these carrots around, so this is just my version of how to put one together.  :O)