Gold Stapler

Monday, March 16, 2015
I'm dreaming of a craft room.  I'm plotting it out.  I'm putting together small pieces.  In truth-I have a craft house,'s time.  Unfortunately, or fortunately-depending on who you are-my brother is currently living in the room that will be my future craft room.  For years it was my guest room.  I've decided to give up friends so I won't be having guest visit.  If not that, I've decided my friends love me enough to sleep with my crafts.  One of my first projects for that craft room-a gold stapler.  
I took a boring ol' black stapler and used painter's tape to cover the silver.  I gave it a spray with my gold spray paint....and I had the start to my dream.  In my imaginary craft room...this is going to be super cute.  In my real room-it's a fun little reminder....a girl can dream.  

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