Painted Silverware

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
 I'm working on some 'pop of color' projects for spring.  Next up on my list are these little silverware samples.  You could do the whole handle, but I liked the 'half dipped' handle thing going on here.
It doesn't get much easier as far as projects go.  I bought some mini bottles of paint to accompany some blue I already had and I taped off the end of some silverware I bought at the Dollartree.  I chose some different handle patterns.  They sell them two for a dollar there, but I also saw some in little bundles for about the same price at Walmart, and I know you can dig through a hodge podge of funky silverware at most thrift stores.  After you spray it down, go back over with a clear sealant to make sure it doesn't chip and scratch between uses.

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