Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Baseball Tutu

 Last year I helped host a couple's shower.  I knew the dad to be was a baseball fan, and so I decided I'd put together an outfit he could appreciate (I knew I'd be attending an all girls shower after that where there would be plenty of pink).  I found a cute little onsie on Etsy and ordered it, and then I went to work on a tutu and bow.  Conveniently, this tutu would work for the 4th of July too...when baseball is in it's prime.
To make the tutu I sewed a piece of elastic together.
Newborn=13 inches
3-6 months=14 inches
6-12 months=15 inches
1-2 years=16 inches
3 years=18 inches
4 years=21 inches
5 years=24 inches
I cut up two yards of tulle into 18 inch by 2 inch strips (make it longer for a flowing tutu).  Then I simply tied it in a knot to the elastic.  I tied about three pieces of the same color together so they would stand out more.
 Once I finished up, I scrunged it up to make it fluff out.
I also added this bow I blogged about making yesterday.