Baseball Baby Bow

Monday, May 25, 2015
 I made a little baseball outfit (coming soon) for a friend of mine who was having a baby.  Her husband follows a team OTHER than the one I follow, though the colors are the same.  I'll post the rest of the outfit soon, but first....where all outfits should start-the bow.  These little guys are so easy to make.
I bought some fabric and cut out four circles, and then I grabbed some buttons-baseball shaped buttons (found these little guys at Hobby Lobby).
 I left one flat, but I folded the other four in half, and then in half again until I had a quarter of a circle.  I glued these together at the point (from the inside).
I glued all four folded quarters around the flat circle, then added the ball to the middle.  I added some elastic to the back (again, with the glue).  I covered up the elastic with a scrap of fabric.  Easy...and about 2 bucks cheaper than even the cheapest flower at the craft store.
As for the elastic piece, the sizes usually range around the following sizes:
Newborn-13 inches
0-1 year-14 inches
1-6 year-14 inches
7-teen-15 inches
Adult-17.5 inches

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