Friday, May 22, 2015

Baseball Bridal Shower

 Recently my friend Sonia and I hosted a shower for our friend, Mary's daughter.  She met her fiance at a Ranger's game...and it's been a huge part of their relationship.  It just so happened to fall on Opening Week, and the bridal party had planned the bachelorette party for the next the Ranger's game.  I'll pretend that timing was all part of the deal.
I found some adorable ticket invites online and had my friend Kelly help me make it happen.  
 I found a 'vintage style' cracker jack tin on ebay and purchased that to put some flowers in for the shower.
 I put together some baseballs to be signed by the guest party with advice...or rather, 'the game plan' for a happy marriage.
 I found some bottled cokes (at Costco) and tied on one of my current favorite things-paper straws.
 I have a collection of random glass containers from other events I filled with baseballs, peanuts, Babe Ruths, gum etc.  I borrowed all the baseballs from my only mail he didn't see that coming, but...he used to play and had a ton in his garage.
 Laura is not a fan of ice cream or cupcakes, so....we went with cookies and a yogurt bar for dessert.
 We also threw in some wine for those that aren't into cokes and water.
 I made baseball and glove shaped sugar cookies.
 I also found these mini helmets on the magical world of Amazon.  This was for the yogurt.
 I also found vintage style cracker jacks online and added little tags....b/c everything is better with raffia and bling.
 My friend Mary makes quilts for all her children, this was one of her gifts to the bride and groom.
 The bridesmaids also passed out shirts they were going to be using the next day at the bachelorette party-My last swing before the ring.  How cute is that?  Laura got white, all the bridesmaids got red.