DIY Felt Baby Bow

Friday, June 26, 2015
 I've seen these adorable felt bows all over the net and in little boutiques.  I've been meaning to try them out for awhile.  My friend, Nicole, had a little girl and I made her an outfit....and I think it's important she understand my bow seemed like a good time to get started.  ;o)
 I bought some thin elastic.  You could add these to a bobby pin or clip, but....this was my prerogative.  Here is the measurement chart I used.  I then cut the two pieces (show above) out of felt.  Here is a free pattern I put together to make these.  The top one is the 'loops' of the bow, the bottom is the base.
 I added a glue dot to the middle of the base and placed the top on the glue dot.
 I then added more glue to the middle and folded in each side to form the bow's loops.
 I added MORE hot glue to the middle and pulled the little strip over the bow.
 Like this...
 I flipped it over on the back, where I glued the elastic, and I put MORE glue over the elastic and continued to pull the strip over to cover the elastic.
 I trimmed off the excess.
 I then used my fingers to press in the loops and make them fluffier.
 I paired it with this little onsie I made with my embroidery machine.  I bought a machine last summer and I haven't posted about it yet b/c it's sort of taken on a life of it's own.  It may needs it own blog....
Right now I'm just making gifts for friends, but I may try my hand at a few things for sale-emphasis on a few.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime...a girly outfit for a little girl in Houston.

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