DIY Quote Globe

Friday, June 05, 2015
 I love globes, but throw in a war somewhere and your globe is quickly obsolete....which can grab a ton of these at thrift stores for a real steal.  My friend Kelly did just that, and she brought me her prize.
 I've actually wanted to paint a globe for awhile....I've got one in mind for myself, but this one is for Kelly.  It was a pretty ugly globe to begin with, but I did like the color of the stand.  So, I bought a blue paint I liked and painted the ugly/retired map.
I then found a quote Kelly and I agreed fit well, and I found a font I liked that looks like hand writing.  I don't trust my own handwriting...ick....
 I used a pencil and scribbled over the back of the papers/over the letters (you could also do this with a piece of graphite).
 Like so...
 I then turned it over on the globe and traced each letter with a pencil and the graphite left a mark on the globe that I then traced over with a gold pen...or three.  Apparently I need to learn to ration ink a little better.
 After that, I added a bunch of constellations in gold and some random stars in white.  They are kind of sort of, not really in the place they would be in the long as you don't ask an astronomer.  Unfortunately, in this case, that is exactly what Kelly's dad loves doing, so....this globe I'm sure will be a real conversation piece for the critics out there, but.....I can live with that.

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