Brooch Bouquet

Tuesday, July 07, 2015
 I'm headed into GMT tomorrow.  I'll post the video here later.  I have a year long schedule, but this month I had a time sensitive project I've been working on that I offered to share, so...I bring to you-brooches!
I've seen these bouquets around for awhile and I absolutely love vintage brooches.  I've heard of people getting brooches at bridal showers they then turn into a bouquet, which is adorable, but....I only had a month to put this little gal together...and 3 and 1/2 weeks of that month I was out of town, so....I went shopping on Ebay.
 A few of the above brooches the bride's aunt bought (the two in the top left) at a discount dept store.  I found the rest for 1-3 dollars (free shipping).  They all came from China, so it took that month to arrive in the mail.  They sell some at the craft stores you can snag for about the same price, but they didn't have the same variety.
 I also bought some lace, tulle, and satin.
 I decided I wanted the the stem area to be a little thicker so it was easy to hold, and I found a foam form that would help the brooches stay in place.  I am sending this bouquet a few states away and I wanted to keep it secure
 I also found some little feathers and jeweled flowers in the wedding section to help fill in any gaps.
 I bought some 20 gage floral wire and I wrapped a piece on each side of the brooch.  If there weren't holes in the design, I used the pin on the back.
 I then twisted the two pieces of wire together so that I had a steady stem.
 Ta da.
 To also fill in some gaps I put some of the jewels onto fabric flowers.  I tucked them down into the bouquet, but this helped cover up the green foam and any gaps between jewels.
 I cut the lace into slices and I pinched five in the middle and sewed them together to form petals and then added the brooch in the middle.
 I cut the satin into messy circles (different sizes) and ran it along a flame so it curled up, and I added a brooch to the middle of these.
 I added wire to these flowers and I had a collection of 'just brooch' stems and some with fabric stems.
 I then just started pocking and pulling them down into the foam form.
 I wrapped the stems with floral tape and then covered it all with ribbon.

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Michelle {Daydream Believers} said...

This is GORGEOUS! Great work and thank you for sharing how you made it! :)