Primitive Halloween Sticks

Friday, July 17, 2015
 I spent most of June out of the country.  Getting out of the country required some really long flights.  I don't sleep on planes.  I'm a nervous flyer.  What if the pilot needs my assistance?  Who's going to keep track of the plane on the little screen on international flights?  You.  Are.  Welcome.  So, while I was keeping the plane safe and on track...I brought along some things I could hand me, nobody wants me talking to them for 16 hours...though I would if it was the difference between sleeping or staying away to, you know, keep everyone safe.
I have been obsessed with primitive Halloween lately, so I brought some felt I precut (because the travel scissors you are aloud to take on the plane won't do the trick).  I stitched the buttons and pieces onto the faces and when I got home I added some stuffing and sewed my new plane friends closed.  I poked a stick through each little guy at the bottom and added some ribbon on top.
I think they will be cute in a plant, or just somewhere in the house....I haven't quite decided.  I made five of each, so I think there is a wreath in my future, but four of these are now primitive Halloween wands.  I dabbed some hot glue to hold the stuffed piece on the end of the stick and the ribbon up.  I think the attraction to primitive right now is that it doesn't need to be perfect, in fact, that imperfect stitching is what gives it character!  At least that is the angle I'm going to take.

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