Monday, July 20, 2015

Planner Band

 I've become obsessed with my new plum paper planner.  I'm only two weeks in and I know I've watched a lot of videos others have done as they plan their week.  I do not have room for all the adorable stickers others use..I tried to go sort of theme-ish each week, but really-I want to use it for my daily to do list.  I spent most of my time just rewriting the list on the next day, but...whatever....every once in awhile something gets done.  I also spent way too much money buying cute stickers on etsy for my planner...only to discover I need more cute stickers....
One thing I did get check off my to do list was to make this little flower book mark for my planner.  A lot of the people I've seen planning have these to hold the place of their week so you can open your planner to the exact right page.
 Instead of spending a lot of money on one little band, I spent a little money and bought my own elastic bands, bows, and flowers for less than a dollar each on etsy.
 I had this for about a month b/c I didn't feel like pulling out my sewing machine.  I put it on my weekly plan so I couldn't put it off any more...
I still was too lazy to pull out my machine, so I pulled out my inner Little House on the Prairie.  I sewed it by hand...novel, I know.  I sewed the elastic together and then sewed two flowers onto the bland to cover the seam.  This month, my book mark matches my planner, but I can dress her up for future holidays now.  This is something I may do for my everyday spirals as well....but first....I've got a few other things to get checked off my to do list.  


Angela said...

My Sister n Law just bought me one of those!!! I hadn't seen them before. She loves hers and knew I would love one! Cute idea about using an elastic bookmark....will def have to do that. My daughter has lots of headband making stuff that will work perfect!