Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Apple Wreath

 Sadly, I'm going to need this wreath soon.  I've been back in meetings off and on already, but the kids are gearing to come back, which means another year.  It's not that I don't love teaching.  It's not that I don't love the students.  I just love summer!
I made this wreath, which I'll be sharing tomorrow on Good Morning, Texas along with a few other projects.  I'll link the video here.
I've actually not made any of these burlap wreaths, though I love them. It turns out they are super easy to make.  I found a wire frame at the Dollar Tree.  It does NOT get any better than that.  I found the red burlap and the bow ribbon at Hobby Lobby.  It was on sale half off.  It goes on sale half off every other week, which made it 3.50 for a roll.  I bought three, but used two, but...I'd rather have extra than have to go back for more.
 To start, you tie a knot in the end.
 You then take a loop and push it up between the wires on one end.
 Push that loop to the side towards the knot and then push the next loop through the middle.
Repeat with the third hole.  Here you can see all three with a loop pushed up between each gap.  Push these together.  Repeat.  If you run out of ribbon, tie another knot and continue.  The key is to make the loops all the same size so you have an even wreath.  It was super easy, and if the pictures don't do it justice-I'll be doing a live demo tomorrow on Good Morning, Texas.  I added a chalkboard (also from Hobby Lobby).  Not too shabby.  I made the whole thing for about 15 dollars.