Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Envelope Scrapbook

 This summer, one of my project goals has been to go through old photos and do SOMETHING with them...some of them just need to go in a box, other's I wanted to scrapbook in some way, but not in the traditional way with large books.  Lately, I've been doing a lot of mini albums.  I went to Vegas over five years ago for my friend Kelly's birthday.  I decided to try out a new scrapbook technique using envelopes.
 They sell colored envelopes at Hobby Lobby (and most scrapbook stores).  They come in different shapes and sizes.  They are also on sale every other week, so...watch for a sale!  All you have to do is take the flap and add some glue and tape the flap to the next envelope.  You want the envelope to be facing the opposite direction.
 This is what it looks like on both sides.  My finger is pointing to where I glued the flap down.
 Each one you turn the opposite direction, and you glue the flaps to the base.
 Here is what it will look like.  The great thing about these is that you don't need TOO many envelopes b/c not only can you glue pictures to the blank sections, you can slip paper inside each envelope with a photo on front and back.
 Here's my finished product on one side.  The blanks I'm going to go back into and journal, but hey, this is Vegas, and what happens and Vegas doesn't make the blog (plus...I made it last night and haven't had time to journal...but that doesn't sound as exciting).
 These are some of the pages I slipped inside the envelope.  I used washi for a little pull tab.
 I also used a cute paper clip for one edge and on the other side I have a picture, but also our bill from Serendipity.
 Here is the bag/cover.
 For this inner flap I folded paper in half, and this gave me four sides to decorate.
This really took no time at all-less than an hour-and if you have scrapbooked, you know that's nothing.  If you were to just glue photos down with fewer embellishments (maybe just a cover) it would fly by even faster.  And...now I can mark one more thing off the summer to do list...which is great news b/c summer is pretty much over for me and my list is still really full, but there is nothing more motivating than work looming!