Thursday, August 06, 2015

Can 'O Bats

I know...I's August and I'm talking about Halloween...a lot,'s all I have to look forward to with the beginning of school looming!  I recently went to a quilting retreat.  I generally take more projects that I can possibly finish.  By some miracle...I finished all my projects and all I had left was some stuffing and I started making some Halloween 'stuff.'  I saw a can kind of like this once on eBay and decided to give it a go.  I cut out pieces of fabric to look like bats and a moon.  I sewed, stuffed, sewed again to shut them off.  I added them to bamboo skewers and then put some foam in the bottom of a coffee can I sprayed black.  I added some 'berries' I found at the dollar tree and Spanish Moss.  I found a cute little Halloween picture online and printed it out and glued it to the front of the can.  Very simple and affordable.  And....only one of about 5 things I used that stuffing, more to come!