Gingerbread Fan Blade

Monday, August 24, 2015
 It's August.  I'm back at work.  I'm trying to look at my glass as half full.  Sure...I'm working again, but this means that cool weather is on it's way.  Fun holidays.  Good food. honor of's a little Christmas craft I did this summer.  I have a ton of fan blades I've painting I'll be posting for each season it seems.
I replaced a fan in my house and took a feather from my friend, Terry, and repurposed them.  I've been working on my painting skillz....once I get down some good techniques I'll do a video...I think the key is...I need more brushes!  I'm also learning...less is more on the paint....I used to have huge globs..not in that Starry Night way..more in the...where is the closest trash can sort of way.  I originally saw some gingerbread men like this painting on a rolling pin...I've added it to my list, but since it's fan blades and not rolling pins I had on hand....that's what got painted.


Erin said...

How cute! Love your painting! Sorry you're back at work. I start tomorrow (blech!)

Lori said...

Christy, your blade turned out super cute! I was so happy to meet and paint with you when you were working on this! Hope to hear from you and would love to craft with you again!


Christy Robbins said...

Lori! Absolutely! I want to come to a scrapping class sometime...soon! I just tried the seam binding...I googled's def. a 101 level class though-my spray was apparently clogged (it's old) but I managed to crinkle and turn it dark. The positive is...I have about a hundred yards to play with to figure it out!

Lori said...

I am happy to have you anytime....I am going to do a Witches hat class that you might be interested in! I will send you the info....I am also happy to give you my take on crinkle ribbon! It makes a hugh difference in the outcome of any project!