Gold Hangers

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
 This summer I had a long list of things I wanted to get accomplished.  I did two.  I painted  a hall in my house...the very smallest 'room' with the least painter's tape necessary, and I redid my closet.  As I type this....all the things that used to live in my closet are currently stacked to the ceiling in my bedroom, but by golly, the closet is done...almost....minus some clothes I haven't managed to squeeze in, bubbling wall paper, and whatever else falls over night.
One thing that needed to change were my hangers.  I started by buying some wood hanger at Ikea.  I bought 25.  Ha.  25.  Ha.  No.  So then my friend, Kelly, told me about these velvet hangers that prevent your shirts from slipping.  I bought about a hundred of those.  I still needed more.  The wooden hangers look great, but....they take up a lot of space.  The velvet hangers are great, but....I had hundreds of these stupid plastic hangers.
I decided to go grab some spray paint.  I've seen it on Pinterest, and if it's good enough for pinterest, it's good enough for me.  So, shirts get velvet, dresses get wooden hangers, skirts get gold hangers.  Shorts and pants get shoved on a shelf b/c I hate wearing pants and shorts.  More to come on the only thing I got accomplished this summer.

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