San Antonio

Thursday, August 27, 2015
 This summer was probably the busiest of my life.  Not only did I travel to two separate continents.  I took four (about to be five) mini vacations in the states.  I left the day after I got out of work and came home to wash clothes, pack and leave again.  I know nobody that knows this will believe this-but I really am a homebody.  There is nothing I love more than figuring out if I can wear my pajamas all day and playing with my crafts at home. was a summer of adventures.  One of those mini vacations included a stop in San Antonio.  My cousin turned 30 and she said she wanted to go somewhere she has always loved-Sea World.
 They have these statues all over the park that are made out of trash that was recovered from the ocean.
 I remember some of the shows from when I was little, like the ski jump.
 We ate lunch with the whale trainers.  It requires reservations, but it was interesting to have Killer Whales swimming next to you while you ate.
 It was hot, man!  I remember now why I don't vacation in San Antonio in August-specifically in places with this much asphalt, but was crowded, so it's fair to say ocean life beats the heat for most folks.
 Baby animals-always a good thing.
 Seals balancing balls-if that's not the iconic photo op I don't know what is...
We spent one day in San Antonio, and the next I headed down to the Riverwalk for Mexican food, a quick tour of some of my favorite Texas stops, and ice cream at the Menger Hotel.  It was good to revisit some of the paths I walked when I was young.  San Antonio is always a good idea.

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