Closet Redo

Friday, August 28, 2015
 Two summers ago, I redid my bedroom.  Here are those photos.  I decided it was time to redo my closet this summer.  It had become a place I just shoved things into.  I wore the same outfits weekly, which would be fine...if I didn't have so many other options just collecting dust!  So...every good post starts with a before.  Don't be scared....
 Oh my goodness, I didn't even like opening my closet.  I went on the hunt for closet ideas, and I found a post that I pretty much copied down to a T at ViewAlongTheWay.  I fell in love.   I usually just gather ideas, but in this case...I pretty much loved each piece.  The original is much better, I had to stick with what I was capable of.  For instance, I ordered this garden lantern.  She restrung and rewired it to be the light bulb.  My light is attached to the ceiling with a fan, so I just hung it below to catch the lights.  Maybe someday...but in the meantime....I love it...and I think it really brings out the popcorn ceiling.  ;o)
 I did add some other hanger options.  I bought some velvet, some wood, and then I sprayed some plastic hangers I already had with gold.  These separate skirts from dresses from shirts.  I blogged about them earlier this week.  Fun, huh?
 I went ahead and kept my shoe cubbies.  I had my brother build me some low shelves on one side I could someday use for shoes, but for now....they hold pants and shorts.
 I didn't need as much room for jewelry etc b/c I have mine stored in a dresser in my room, but I wanted something a little frivolous.
 I bought tons of baskets from Home Goods along with the rug and the seat (to throw on shoes etc.
 Last up, I ordered this wallpaper from Anthropologie.  I did a terrible job of putting it up...I tend to sort of charge forward with life and the second sheet is bubbled and wrinkled and it's really a crying shame...but, oh yeah, it's a closet,'s going to be OK.  I can be OK with imperfect.  If you sign up on their site, you get a birthday discount (15 percent I think?) during that month....this is probably why I fell in love with the original closet.
 My dog approves.  In fact, it was impossible to get shots without her in the picture.
 I found this frame at Hobby Lobby.
 I also bought these antlers to hold bracelets.  I don't know...I needed it.  I was going to paint it, but....decided not too.  There is also a hook I got from Anthropologie.
My goal the whole time was to make it look different from my room-not shabby chic....more modern and gold.  I kept finding myself buying vintage mirrors etc, rustic tin wall hangings etc....I guess my room is getting a few additions b/c I had to then go and grab something 'not so me.'  I love I just have to figure out what to do with all those boxes that used to live in this closet!
OUTTAKES:  This is what every step of the project involved....June running around the house with old....and new pieces from the closet. 


Msheepers said...

It looks awesome!

I started trying to sort out the clothes in my closet on order to put aside the maternity ones, but I haven't gotten very far along yet.

Lori said...

Fabulous! I love it! It looks very glamorous!