Flamingo Cookies

Monday, August 31, 2015
 A few weeks ago the teachers headed back to school.  Last week, the students headed back. I made some water bottles for our new teachers, but for a few of the 'old' teachers (that understand my sense of humor)-I made these cookies.
I attached a little note on day one....with the number of days until summer vacation...JUST in case.  Keep your eye on the prize, teachers, keep your eye on the prize.  I love teaching...I do....I'm just really good at the summer thing too!  I used this recipe for the sugar cookies, and a flamingo cookie cutter.  For the black, I bought a tube of decorators icing and added about a tablespoon of karo syrup so it would harden.  I have a lot of problem with the colors red and black...so I usually just buy it if I need it premade instead of fighting with dye.

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Erin said...

Your cookies are AMAZING!!! How fun would that be?!?! I wish we worked in the same school!