Seam Binding Ribbon 101...thanks to the advice of other crafty folks.

Monday, September 14, 2015
I have bought a ton of this vintage looking ribbon in my life.  it's hanging off of a lot of things in my room.  I spend quite a bit of yard at boutiques, but....I could never figure out where in the world it came from!  I didn't even know what it was called until I got together with some fellow crafters this summer and one of them (Hi, Lori) mentioned she loved using seam binding for ribbon....what?  I LOVE crafting with crafters!  It unlocked a pretty big mystery in my life.  
I went home right away and googled it (thought I'm scheduling a tutorial soon with the pros).  I found this seam binding online.  I looked/asked in craft stores around here, and none of them had it (shout out if you know where to buy it).  I had this glimmer spray in my stash already.  It was called 'leather.'  That's a fancy way to say...brown.  
 I wadded up my ribbon (very technical) and I sprayed it with some brown spray.  I then got it a little damp and just started working the dye through the ribbon...adding more until I got my desired 'grunge' color.  If you wanted a less 'even' color....go back and spray some more when it's dried...that's going to be my next attempt.  I'm just at the start of my seam binding adventures...this post is mostly to say-I cracked the code (thanks to some well timed conversations).


Lori said...

Hi Christy, thank you for the "shout out"! I would love to show you some tricks with seam binding as well as help you get more!! Email me,

Christy Robbins said...

Lori, let me know when your classes are at the store, I'd love to come! Also, do you sell stampin' up? I saw a lady using the cutest stamp this weekend and I would love to order one, but....I want to order from someone I have met!