Friday, September 11, 2015

Coal Gift Bags

 I thought I was so ahead of things this summer as I was making Christmas gifts...until I read one of my other friends said she was WRAPPING Christmas gifts!'m not ready to wrap them, but....I did decide to make some easy gift bags with some left over white bags I had from another craft.
 I typed the word coal and printed it on a piece of cardstock.
 I taped the bag onto the paper and positioned it where I wanted it to go.  I taped the top where it would start running through the printer and then both sides right by where it was going to print (to help stabilize it and keep the ink from smearing).
I carefully lifted off the tape and now....I'm ready to wrap.  OK...not really, but I could be.  And clearly, I have a bunch of naughty people getting gifts this year.