Canning Lid Pumpkin

Tuesday, October 06, 2015
I made this little pumpkin at the request of one of the GMT producers.  She saw one of these last year at a craft show and fell in love.  I'll be sharing this and a few more pumpkin crafts on Thursday on the show, but in the meantime, here is a sneak peak.  
 I found some old canning lids for 69 cents at a thrift store.  You may have some floating around, or you can also order them (or buy them a the store).  I took about 16 and threaded them through a pipe cleaner.  You could also use yard.
I tied it with a little wiggle room so I could maneuver them.  I sprayed them with orange spray paint.  You can do this before or after you thread them.  Just move them around a bit and get all the overlapping edges if you do it afterwards.  I added a stick to the middle and tied a ribbon for the leaves.  I might go back later and add some washi tape to every third or forth one just for fun ,but...easy and cute.  I have plans for the flat seals as well....but...that's another blog post!

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