Thursday, October 29, 2015

Snowman Records

 I took some painting 'lessons' from my friend Terry this summer.  I do a lot of disobeying, but....she still gives me great tips I'm going to take...someday.    I've also taken some pointers through the years on project ideas...if it's not nailed down....or if you can pull the nails off and remove it...paint it.
 I found these old records at a used book sale this summer for a steal.  I added some of her primitive snowmen trying not to pile on the paint (no Starry Night).
I'm working on penmenship....I know I'll look back someday and cringe, gotta start somewhere...sometimes I just go wordless, so I don't have to practice.  But....still fun.  I drilled a little hole in two sides to hang up the records.