Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dollar General Fall Table Ideas

 A week or so ago I went to the Dollar General.  I was tasked with the mission of creating a fall tablescape using things I could find at the store.  The show should be airing today on GMT.  I'll post the video later on facebook.  It should air, complete with the full tablescape and the third project I gave away before I took a picture.  Ooops.
 Up first I found these leaf plates for 2 dollars.  I liked the shape-cute for nuts, or they make a fun salad size plate.  The color didn't match my table.  I bought a brown/gold glass pumpkin-sort of mercury glass-ish.  I started by giving the plate a brown base with brown spray paint.
Once it dried I took a spray bottled and sprayed the plate until water bubbles rested on top about two squirts).  I then took gold spray paint and sprayed it over the wet surface.  I took a paper towel and blotted it up immediately, so it left a speckled surface-gold with some brown showing below.  If you don't like it....spray some more and repeat, but it's a pretty easy project.  If you want to use these as salad dishes, there is a clear shellac that makes things food safe you can get at places like Home Depot.  
I also took some clear vases and dollar twine and wrapped it around to make these rustic flower vases.  I put a dot of hot glue every inch or so just to hold it into place.  I used some clothes pins for a table setting, but you'll just have to watch if you don't believe me.  I'm drawn towards browns and golds.  I think it ended up pretty well considering, and I got to work with Paige, who I love getting to hang out with on and off camera.