Monday, October 26, 2015

Spider Card

This year...I'm making my own cards...or at least....that's the plan.  I got a head start this summer.  I try to send cards out to my godchildren/their siblings, and my family.  Since my friends have multiple kids, I have to do multiple cards for each holiday.  I saw an idea like this on Etsy and since I have quite the button collection (but that's another story).  I decided to try it out.  I used black cardstock blank cards I had and I used a corner punch to round off the edges.  I added a piece of orange paper scrap to the top half and a piece of lace across the center for my 'web.'  I super glued the spiders onto the paper and drew legs and then sewed the thread.  You could also use white gel pen-which is what I did to write eeek!.  Again, sticky letters would work as well.  Super easy.  I'm going to put a little piece of bubble wrap inside the envelope so the buttons don't have any problem pushing through the envelope.