Turkey Fan Blade

Friday, October 23, 2015
 Last spring I replaced one of my fans.  When I say I-I mean, my brother.  I mostly watched and held screws. I'm pretty sure Frankenstein wired my house, so even if I had the arm strength to hold the fan up long enough to get it screwed in, the wiring doesn't exactly follow normal package instructions.  All this to say, I'm grateful my house hasn't burnt down b/c 'we' did something wrong, and...I pulled the old fan blades off of my old fan before tossing it.  The saddest part is...I only have six and I can't quit painting them.
I've already shared a pumpkin, and I have another one I'm about to post, but now...my turkey-by far the easiest.  You can use the round foam brushes to make eyes, but I wanted mine larger than the brushes I had.  I used the bottom of a coke can to make the circle and then painted the inside.  I free handed the nose etc...nothing too fancy and then flicked a bunch of black and white paint across the whole thing with a toothbrush.  I added a bunch of colorful ribbon for the 'tail' and some wire through the holes the manufacturer drilled into this blade years ago.  In other news-this is where hoarders learn to justify their keepings.

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