Pumpkin Fan Blade

Thursday, October 22, 2015
 I have a friend (Terry) who literally will paint on anything.  I went to one of her shows recently and she had painted a snowman face on old toilet bowl ball (you know that thing that floats up with the water to trigger the 'stop' on the water?).  I digress, but....she's another story.  ;o)  Anyway, fan blades are one of the things I've seen her use for her Santa's and Elves.  This summer I asked her for a painting tutorial and I decided to try my hand at something fall....something simple on some fan blades I'd recently yanked off a fan I replaced in my house.
I've seen these for sale at thrift stores before and I probably would have wondered about the kind of person that would buy these but now I've met her!  I did not use the spray can of white to give this a primer (that comes with another project).  I just used some Americana paint called Paprika.  I gave my blade two coats.  When that dried I painted a face.  I went back and added some white lines to make it pop, and then I took a tooth brush and flicked a bunch of white and black paint all over the blade.  I added some wire and raffia.  Simple, fun...and definitely different.

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