Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ballerina Strip Quilt

 Everyone that knows me well knows that I do a wide variety of crafting....I don't do any of it really well.  As in, nobody is going to hang my paintings, or quilts in a museum, but....that's just me.  I'd rather turn out a ton of stuff than spend a lot of time on one thing.  I struggle with many personality traits-perfection isn't one of them.  This drives my perfectionist friends crazy.  In particular, every summer there is a group of us that rent a house and bring whatever we are working on (there are quilters, scrapbookers, knitters, cross stitchers, and people just there to talk).   The quilters complain about my lack of respect to perfect alignment...look, I just like fabric.   This summer I decided I'd sew (despite my critiques....who I can take ;o)).  For every baby's first birthday I either give a book or a blanket.  I found this ballerina fabric that perfectly matched my friend Amber's daughter's nursery (ballet-pink, turquoise, and red).  It was a fat quarter stack at JoAnne's).  Where does my imperfection come in?  I do NOT like matching up quilt corners.  So....I cut the fat stacks into different widths of 5 inches (you could make them thinner for an even more varied look).  I sewed a ton together and then started cutting them the width I wanted the blanket to be (about 3 feet?  It was a baby blanket, so...).  I sewed those together and just tried to avoid any of the fabrics touching it's twin on the next row.  It was a fun way to sew a quilt if you are an imperfect person and aim to stay that way.
This would be a good way to use up scrap fabrics as well (though all of my scrap fabrics have homes in new projects!).  I used my embroidery machine to add a name.  Then I bought a back fabric and made some binding to sew around the blanket.  Sometime I'll do a tutorial on the lazy man's binding technique...it'll change your life.  I didn't use any batting b/c I wasn't planning on quilting this...at least that's what I tell myself is the reason.