Christmas Ball Wreath

Thursday, December 17, 2015
 I made this wreath using only items I bought at the dollar tree.  That means, it cost me exactly 7 dollars to make this wreath.  Win.  Second, I made this wreath via a request from one of the producers at GMT.  I prerecorded the segment.  I'm sharing a few other things I've done recently on my blog (one I'm posting tomorrow)  Whatever day it airs (today?)....I'll link the segment to my facebook page.
I found this foam wreath and they had garlands (a dollar each).
 I wrapped the 9 foot garland around the foam form and just tied it closed.
 They also sold these tubes of ornaments (12 for a buck).  They have multi colors, and lots of solids.  I went with silver.  It took me four tubes (with a few left over I'll throw on gifts/present toppers).
 I glued them around the outside with hot glue.
 I then glued them around the middle.
 Then I started filling in the rest.  I also had some small silver ones I added, but it was not necessary...I'm just trying to get rid of 'stuff.'
It doesn't get much easier than this.  And...seriously, 7 bucks!

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