Snowman Treat Jars

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
 I have  a friend that does craft shows throughout the seasons.  She is a pro at painting.  I asked her to teach me some skillzzz this summer, and she delivered.  Another friend of mine gave me a ton of old baby jars she found in her attic.  I took the lids over to Terry's house and painted some pumpkin face jars (I posted in October) and these little snowmen.  I'm going to give a more detailed painting tutorial soon, the meantime.  I love these.
I used regular ol' paint.  The base of the snowman is called sand.  It took two coats.  I then took a watered down brown and ran it over the sand to make it a 'dirty' snowman.  Next up were the face details (the coal mouth was made with the end of a paint brush) and then I flicked white paint over the whole thing.  Once he dried I added a coal of clear sealer and then some twine.

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