Christmas Suitcase

Friday, December 11, 2015
 Not too long ago I saw a suitcase with this saying on pinterest (here) and when I was walking the dog one day my neighbor (who was moving) left a bunch of stuff outside for the bulk pick up garbage guy-including a suitcase in perfect condition....if you were traveling in the 70s.
 It came in a lovely mustard brown, but I decided to throw some paint on to make it look more like Christmas.  You lose the white stitching, but I'm OK with that.  I covered up the metal with some painters tape.
 I had a little help.  In her defense-the backyard was just a pile of dirt and no shrubs at this point b/c I had just had foundation work, so....a can of spray paint was like going to the amusement park.
After spraying in burgandy I I printed off the words I wanted in the size I wanted and tape them the way I wanted.
 I took a pencil and colored roughly over the back of the letters.
 I flipped it back over and traced over the letters with a pencil, this allowed the lead on the back to be transfered to the suitcase so I knew where to paint my letters.
I added a ribbon, some holly, and now-a fun place to store Christmas cards and other memories was birthed.  

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