Tulsa, Oklahoma Route 6 Half Marathon

Thursday, December 10, 2015
 I started running about 5 years ago.  Before that...I ran a mile.  Once.  I've lost a lot of weight running.  I've gained a lot of weight running.  I've been slowing down lately b/c it hasn't been a huge priority, BUT I know that it's good for me, so I keep doing it...even when my hip hurts, it's just a few miles, and I'm going slower than the walkers.  Or...I'm walking with the walkers. At least I'm still out there and really, it's about my health with a few shiny medals thrown in along the way.  I've got two on my bucket list (2 1/2 really)...and it's totally about the medals.  I decided to sign up for them this school year...just in case.  #1 was the Tulsa Route 66 half.  Why?  Because look at that pretty medal!  A hood ornament.  Yes, please!
 My brother joined me.  He was doing the full marathon, which means (not by much)...I was able to finish before him.  Which means, he's almost twice as fast as me.  I'm OK with that.
 It was a CO-OLD morning....the first one this season.  I debated layers and knew I'd warm up when running.  I probably still wore too much, but I'd rather be a little hot for a few hours and not really cold the whole time.
 This was my sixth half marathon (one of those was a full) and it was my favorite route so far.  It was pretty hilly.  BUT it mostly wound through gorgeous neighborhoods with all their fall colors on display.  I could not do it justice...I took a few photos while running, but could never get the best shots of the most beautiful spots, so...you'll just have to go see for yourself.
 I think it was my favorite crowd.  There were a lot of folks in their front yards, and block parties every few miles.  I've never seen so much alcohol in my life.  There was a couple running near me for about 6 of those miles who stopped for every shot neighbors offered-beers passed out from coolers, or jello shots handed out by the thousands (no, really).  There were some pretty drunk people by mile 10....not enough to be a problem, but that was a new one.  Tulsa is apparently full of friendly people who are willing to provide hard liquor to 15,000+ strangers.
 Going with the Route 66 theme there were a few girls who ran in fun outfits, my favorite was this group in sparkle skirts, checkered aprons, and malt head bands.  Another gal ran in a similar outfit holding a tray of drinks.  I'm doing good to get myself across the finish line, much more....a costume. I'm grateful for the costumes though....it keeps me entertained.
Not a lot of the route was along Route 66, but....there were a few fun spots.  I hit up a few of the other local stops the day before, along with some antique shops.  This was my second time in Tulsa.  I love it-a smaller town feel in a bigger city along the Oklahoma highways.  There are some great restaurants, including a place that served food for us 'regular' people and vegans (my brother) called Chimera.  It's hard to find a place good for 'both' kind of people.  Next up....the Hot Chocolate 15K in February...the medal is a candy bar with a bite out of it.

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Msheepers said...

Awesome. Congrats! I hadn't realized that you had gotten back into running.