Peppermint Cookies

Tuesday, December 08, 2015
 Every year I say I'm going to mail cookies.  No year have I actually done this because my time and good intentions never match.  This year I did a mini cookie delivery to a friend I wanted to try out my favorite cookie recipe.  For the red, instead of using food coloring, I actually just bought a tube of red and added about a tablespoon of clear karo syrup so it will harden and then put it in a ziplock to pipe out the red stripes.
I tied the cookies up in cellophane with some twine on both sides and then found a tin to match at the store and shipped them.  I'm sure you are supposed to put the tins in a box, but...I just smacked the address on top and send them on their way.  Easy and cute.  :O)  I love these cookies....and with little tins of four....even my time wasn't stretched.

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