Elf Gift Box

Tuesday, December 01, 2015
 My friend Maurine has three little boys who are obsessed with elf on the shelf.  Two out of three also have gifts right around Christmas.  Last year I decided to send a big elf themed gift for them to enjoy all Christmas season so that their birthday gifts would be a little more isolated.  I filled a big box with gifts for all three boys and sent it on its way right after Thanksgiving.
 I embroidered elf hat shirts for each boy, I put somekisses in a bag (elf kisses), I found some elf cupcake liners and decorations for them to make, a book about elves, elf hats, pencils, and plus toys (from the dollar tree), and even an elf toy for the dog.
I three in some grown your own candy canes, and edible candy canes and shipped it on it's way.  

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