Bunny Easter Bags

Monday, March 14, 2016
 I recently discovered a store called Daiso (thanks, Tammy).  It's a Japanese dollar store where almost everything is 1.50.  I was heading down to visit my godson and his two brothers and I wanted to cart my Easter gifts with me to get ahead of the mailing game and I found these cute bags (the insides even have a cute polka dotted lining.
 They had a brown bear bag as well, but the boys are young enough they should be OK with a pink bunny.  I wanted to fill the baskets with mostly little toys, with one egg with candy.  I found puzzles and sticker/coloring books at Party City.  I found bunny glasses, hopping bunnies (and chicks), glow whistles and wands at the 99 cent only store, and finger puppets at Ikea.  I just picked up little things along the way as I was out and shopping.
Each boy has a little different selection (I put some socks and things in Bennett's bag in place of some of the smaller toys-he is 2). Next up I'm visiting my goddaughter in Seattle in May....better start hunting down the perfect unicorn collection.

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