Pet Unicorn

Friday, March 11, 2016
 One of my friends and I spend a lot of time talking about unicorns.  It's a joke...sort of.  With that in mind, I like to randomly send stuff through the mail just as a surprise.  I love packages, and so a surprise package would be the ultimate gift for me, so....I give what I want to get.  I have these little duck unicorns I bought from Oriental Trading awhile back.  I also had these little white boxes I was going to use to mail shower invites, but time wasn't my friend, so....they are sitting in my house waiting for a purpose.
 I put the unicorn's care instructions inside the box.  It turns out unicorns sometimes needs additional horns (sold at Party City), they eat skittles (ironically, a well loved treat my friend and I share).  They need to be told fairy tales at bedtime, and they like to listen to music in the morning-in particular, 90's boy bands.
I put all the essential pieces for caring for a unicorn and sent it on it's way because-who doesn't want to received a magic pet unicorn through the mail?

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