Popsicle Birthday Card

Thursday, March 10, 2016
 Last year my friend threw her daughter an ice cream themed birthday party.  I saw the idea for these little cards floating around the net and decided to make her a thematically appropriate birthday card!
I took some pink cardstock and fold it in half and then rounded the top corners.  I cut out a smaller piece and glued it down for the front, and a white pieces to the inside.  I also used a scalloped flower punch to cut a bite out of the corner.  I added some gemstones and a stamp to the inside
I slipped a Popsicle stick under the inside of the inner message.  I glued it down with a glue gun just to make sure it stayed.  Last up, a little ribbon to the bottom.  Not too shabby...I'd hate to be off of my birthday theme!

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