Wooden Easter Signs

Tuesday, March 08, 2016
 I decided to add Easter to my wooden arts.  I created some bunny and egg shapes on wood.
Here's the thing I learned via the guys at Home Depot.  I wanted to make sure that my outside signs wouldn't rot easily (though...if it's outside it's going to go the way of the buffalo at some point).  The key to making it last longer is to use outside house paint (covering both sides and the edges).  Since it's made to be outside, it helps this wood last longer.  These were really simple to paint up.  It would be cut to make these the backs of bunnies as well with the tail 3D shaped.  I also bought stakes at Home Depot to pop these on, very simple.  I use a jigsaw to cut these out...or...in this case-my brother did b/c I wasn't in the mood and my wrist hurts when I do, but...the end results is worth it, it's just a little easier when some else does the cutting, which just leaves me to the painting.

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