Lavender Egg Soap

Friday, March 04, 2016
 I made these soaps last year.
 I started by taking an egg carton and painting it a pale blue.  I don't know why this is an important thing to share, but really, it's all about the delivery in my book!
 I used some soap squares, dried lavender, and I even added some lavender oil to make the scent a little stronger just because.  I used Easter eggs for my mold.
 If your eggs have holes, you might want to cover those up with a little duck tape so it doesn't leak out.
 Melt your soap, add your dried lavender and a drop of oil.  I filled one side of the egg, let it harden.  I filled the second side and then close it, making sure the liquid was on top so that it would adhere to the dried side.
 Once both sides are dried, you pull off the egg.  Everyone once in awhile, the two sides would separate.  I took just a little bit of melted soap and place it in the middle and they dried together again.
 I placed my soaps in my painted egg carton.
 Last year, my resolution was to send something through the mail each month-cards or gifts just because. The rule was it couldn't be for a birthday etc.  So, this little package went to a friend up in New York who is a fan of floral.  I added a little purple candle holder and tea lights and a little chocolate bunny to the package and shipped it on it's way.

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