Cleaning Hard Water Stains

Monday, April 25, 2016

I've been tormented by this stupid hard water stain at the base of my ice machine/water door in my fridge.  I have tried every product...including my go to/never fail Mr. Clean sponges (I get nothing for saying that, I promise, I just really like them).  The hard water stain remained.
THEN someone suggested vinegar.  I poured some vinegar into each slot.  I let it sit for about ten minutes.  I ran a sponge through each slot when I was done letting it sit, and the water lifted right off.  I can't even explain how much therapy this just saved me.  OK, maybe not that far, really bothered me b/c I cleaned and cleaned.  Good ol' vinegar...I need to buy it in bulk!


Msheepers said...

Yup, white vinegar is great for those mineral deposits / build-up in the bathroom too! Really, anywhere you can think of.

Kathy Watson said...
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