College T Shirt Quilt

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Last summer I FINALLY decided to do something with some of my favorite shirts from college.  I cut each into the same size square and then bought different shades of green and gold fabric to frame each shirt.  I followed the same steps I did for this quilt a made for a friend's daughter (out of her soccer shirts).  I just added one more thin strips of dark green around each window pane strip to really set apart the different green and gold (college colors) fabric I used to frame each shirt.  .
I used a light green fabric for the back, took it to a lady who lives near me to quilt the front to the back, and then added the binding.  It takes up much less room than it did when there were 12 t shirts taking up space in a box in my closet....and they have a purpose again.  I'll definitely do this again someday with my work t shirts....but I have a few more years until I'm done collecting those!

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