Rustic Pine Tree Mobile

Friday, April 01, 2016
 I have a friend who went with the rustic/camping-ish theme for her little guy's nursery and she saw a mobile made out of pine trees and asked me if I could copy the design.
I'll try most crafts once.  I bought an embroidery hoop (I only used the inside hoop), plastic rings...I have no idea what their purpose is, but the craft store had them near the yarn.  I got some string from the jewelry dept (I figured if it was sturdy enough to wear, it could hang this mobile up).  I found some unfinished wood trees online by searching.  They only cost about 5 dollars for 10, BUT....the shipping was also five dollars.  Oh well. I also got three colors of stain (which I had around my house):  Cherry, Walnut, and Oak.  
 I drilled a hole into  the top of each tree.
 ..and painted them with the different stains.  I actually used a paper towel to rub two coats of stain onto each tree (letting them dry in between each staining).
 I tied strings at different lengths into each tree.

 Then I tied the strings onto the hoop at different lengths, evenly around the hoop.  I tied several knots, snipped the edge, and then super glued it so it would stay.
I drilled four holes and then doubled up more string and tied those through and up towards the ring at the top.  
The hardest part of the project was trying to get a shot as the mobile swung in the's really not crooked, take what you can get.  I put it all together for 16 dollars, and that's including the 5 for shipping I could have skipped if I had time to hunt down those trees at a nearby store.  

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