Wednesday, June 15, 2016
 Over Memorial Day, I flew out to Seattle to visit my goddaughter.  I had airline miles and I knew just how to use them.  I've visited this little nugget in four states now.  Dad is a sgt major in the army. Mom is my lifelong partner in crime.
This post is more personal than informative,'s my blog, and ultimately where my memories live.
This little gal, Micah, is the world's friendliest tour guide.  She stood behind her Mom's car in her pjs late Friday when Regan was heading out to the airport, she was not getting left behind to do something silly like sleep.   She was there in pjs to greet me, and then she proceeded to tell EVERY sales clerk, base guard (they live on post), and tourist she passed that I was her Mom's best friend, and her Aunt Christy.  Then she'd usually ask said person for a high five, or...on special occasions "high five/knuckles."
After a very extensive home tour when we arrived at her house (I was introduced to every room, and pipe cleaner, toy, and pet present in her house).  She introduced me to her dad and let him know I was her Mom's best friend.  I'm sure, after more than ten years of knowing me, he was grateful for the clarification.
 Saturday morning we went shopping for some room decor (more on this later) and a few last items for her fairy garden, and then we went to some gardens near by.
She wore her dress, polka dot tights, rain boots, and boa.  She collected all the flowers she could hold along the path.  It was a gorgeous walk they take often through the Lakewold Gardens full of mossy stones, ferns, and flowers.  
 She offered me half of her findings.  I asked her to pause so I could take a picture of her flower in her cute little hand.  She wanted to take a silly picture, I told her OK, I'll take two, or serious, one funny.  For the remainder of the weekend whenever we stopped for a photo she'd say, "Take five pictures of this, Aunt Christy."
 After our garden tour, we went home and got to work on the fairy garden.  She painted up the fence and bird house (now fairy house) I brought-I posted about that separately.
 The fairies move at night, and she was super excited to see their new positions the next morning.
 This is her work in progress room.  Once upon a time, I was there for her baby shower (pre-birth) and her Mom, another friend, Liz, and I decorated her nursery.  Now, Regan and I have begun decorating her room.  Here is a small corner.  I'm going to work on some banners etc and send it up, but there is definitely going to be a dress up corner. dress up I mean, her daily outfit.  She added a tutu to her pjs on Saturday and came to say good morning Sunday, still wearing that tutu the next morning.
 One thing Regan and I have in common-a love of dogs.  I have shed many tears over the loss of one of her gals a few years back.  I still teared up looking at old photos, but in her place is Diesel, a humongous, goofy, German Shepard.  I'm in love.  And faithful little Odie-Regan, Odie, and I have quite a few memories together.
 On Sunday, Micah, Regan and I headed to Mount Rainier National Park.  It was about an hour and 45 minutes from where she lives up very winding, beautiful roads.  Note to self-bring Dramamine next time).  The wild flowers weren't out yet, and the snow still sat in upper elevations, but we did get some beautiful peaks at the volcano.
 We made all the stops we could on the roads and park offices that were open.  We spent some time at Christine Falls.
 We ended up at Paradise where we discovered there was snow.  Micah was excited about that.  She couldn't wait to play.  She was super disappointed there was no lave (she kept telling me about the fact that we were going to a volcano to see lava), but....she seemed OK with the alternative (snow).  She threw snowballs, mad snow angels, and ate some questionable snow piles before anyone could stop her.
I kept telling her I was excited she got to go on a girl's trip with Regan and I.  We got a package of Twizzlers (which Micah calls Snappys....who knows why, but it's cute, and Regan and I have shared many a package of Twizzlers on a drive).  I see many more girl's trips in our future.
Last up, I forced the family to pose for a picture.  And then I left a huge piece of my heart in Seattle until next time.  Too little time, but too much time had already passed, I'll take anything I can get. plan the next trip!

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